Collection: DR. ARABICA


Arabica coffee beans are renowned as the finest in flavour and aroma, accounting for 70% to 75% of global coffee production. These beans are predominantly grown in high-altitude regions, with those above 1,500 meters producing exceptional quality.

Indulging in a cup of premium coffee is a delightful experience, a symphony of sweetness, acidity, and fragrance that embodies a certain way of life. However, have you ever considered the vessel that complements the exquisite aroma of fine coffee? It not only enhances the taste but also allows us to appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship of ceramic designers. Moreover, it presents an opportunity for a healthier choice.

That’s why we created the Dr. Arabica Series.

Over the years, we have engaged in constant communication, collaboration, and exchange with coffee cup and ceramic tableware designers from around the world. Our goal was to preserve the authentic essence of coffee while infusing it with the distinctive characteristics of Claytan©, resulting in a collection of exquisite and highly sought-after coffee cups. After careful deliberation, the design by Karen Zaayman emerged as the standout choice, making it Claytan©‘s flagship coffee cup series for 2023 – Dr. Arabica, which challenges traditional norms.